no access in Canada or any other country is a serious downside, there's no reason to geo-limit in times like this. You want a piece of the ad revenue generated from this, then don't limit your viewers - allow all countries whether Zaire or Sri Lanka. » 3/25/08 8:40am 3/25/08 8:40am

a lot of spam makes it to the frontpage. There's a few that will make it to the frontpage today on some sort of skin affliction that comes from a site that is clearly bent on selling prescription medication rather then providing information. Anyways subvert and diggboss type sites are making it easier and the new algo‚Ķ » 3/18/08 6:03am 3/18/08 6:03am

She's honestly crazy, she's a lunatic. She ends up going psycho or harassing every guy she goes out with. Her conservative ramblings are also moronic at best, I don't blame him for breaking up with her - but he shouldn't have used Wikipedia as his own platform - which it seems to be. » 3/02/08 10:57pm 3/02/08 10:57pm